Hooghly is going through rapid urbanization and with rapid urbanization comes an increasing demand for public facilities like doctors, hospitals, schools, colleges and job opportunities.

The need for good quality medical facilities is indispensable for a long and healthy life. Thus, finding the best places with good quality medical facilities is so important. Now, to make things easier for you, this blog will tell you about one such Diagnostic Centre in Hooghly, which is, Dr. MNC Path Lab.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Dr. MNC Path Lab for Your Next Visit to the Doctor

  1. Topnotch Laboratory 

Dr. MNC Path Lab has the Best Lab in Hooghly, equipped with advanced laboratory facilities to deal with a large range of medical testing. From Hematology to Biochemistry and Hormone Assay, Cytopathology to Histopathology, VIDAS, Microbiology, Serology and Clinical Pathology, you name it and we have it.

  1. Excellent Polyclinic Facilities

Dr. MNC Path Lab has excellent polyclinic facilities with multiple departments including General Medicine, Cardiology, Neuropsychiatry, Endocrinology, Gynecology, Dermatology, General and Laparoscopy Surgery, Orthopedics, Trauma Surgery, Rheumatology, Urosurgery, Medical Oncology, General Medicine as well as Homeopathy.

  1. Diagnostic Center

Dr. MNC Pathlabs diagnostic center is like a cherry on top of all the facilities that we have to offer. Our diagnostic facilities include ECG, EEG, NCV, EMG, Holter Monitoring, and Pulmonary Function Tests along with a large range of Psychological Tests like IQ Tests, Psychometry, Personality Tests, ADHD Tests, Dyslexia and Autism Assessment.

  1. The Promise of Quality

Dr. MNC Path Lab was established under the ownership of Mrs. Sudipta Chatterjee, on 1st September 2015 as the brainchild of Dr. Sharmistha Debnath Chatterjee [MD (Pathology), DNB (Pathology), Assistant Professor and HOD of the Department of Oncopathology, Medical College and Hospital] and Dr Som Subhra Chatterjee [ MD (Psychiatry, BHU)]. Ever since then, we have functioned with the motto of consistency and quality over everything else and we are extremely happy and proud to say that we have truly succeeded to become one of the best Diagnostic Centre in Uttarpara, Hooghly.

  1. Great Location

Dr. MNC Path Lab has a very advantageous location as it is situated in Uttarpara, which is one of the best in Hooghly.


Often great people say that to reach the greatest heights of success one must compete with themselves. That is exactly what Dr. MNC Path Lab does. We try to set standards that we have to work hard to reach and once we succeed, we aim even higher. Our motto is to give everyone the best possible medical experience that we can. Our top-notch laboratories, polyclinic and diagnostic centers are just the physical manifestation of our dreams.

Our medical team is aware of how utterly helpless and stressful it can be to be sick or see a loved one in pain. In the current world, where medical institutions are becoming mere money making-machines, in a world where people are losing faith in the medical system more with every passing day, Dr. MNC Path Lab hopes to be an exception. Come and join us in this journey of a future with better medical facilities. Get an appointment today through our website Dr. MNC Path Lab or email us at mncpathlab@gmail.com for any queries.