This year yet again, New Delhi has kept schools suspended due to hazardous air quality and Kolkata is not far behind either. With the onset of winter in many parts of India accompanied by the burning of harmful firecrackers during the Diwali season, the Indian air quality index is at its worst. Such extremely poor air quality can cause serious damage to one’s lungs and health in a very short amount of time. Thus, we need to be very careful about protecting ourselves and as many living beings as we can from this terrible condition. Consult doctors if necessary or for medical advice. I am planning to go to the super speciality polyclinic near me to consult a doctor and ask what we should do to stay safe in this situation.

  1. Avoid going outside as much as possible and let stray dogs and cats stay under your stairs to shelter them from the polluted air.
  2. Drink lots of water and stay hydrated at all times.
  3. Eat nutritious meals and avoid junk food.
  4. Always wear masks while going out irrespective of the duration of your travel.
  5. Keep your windows closed at all times.
  6. Use an air purifier for your home if possible.
  7. Consult doctors from a reputable and trustworthy institution. For example, Dr. MNC PathLab super speciality polyclinic in Hooghly. Ask for tips on protecting yourself in such conditions, especially if you have COPD, cardiac problems or some other medical condition.
  8. Do not take your dogs for a walk outside the house and keep your pets indoors at all times.
  9. Give fresh food and water to the stray animals who are living under your stairs.
  10. Arrange for bird feeders and freshwater canisters outside your house, garden, trees and so on for our winged friends.  
  11. Become environmentally aware and do your part to reduce air pollution as a whole. Climate change is real and we need to act fast if we want to save ourselves.

If you want to stay protected from hazardous air quality, then try following the above-mentioned tips and consult doctors for expert opinion. Visit Dr. MNC PathLab, the best polyclinic in Hooghly.

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