The study of medical diseases and conditions is known as pathology. The detection and analysis of the causes and the progression of diseases comprise the total thing. Pathologists are the medical specialists dealing in the study and practices of pathology. When the matter is the detection of diseases related to any part of the body, pathology laboratories play an important role. A doctor will recommend certain tests whenever you are sick and go for a medical consultation. These tests may be blood tests, urine tests or stool tests. A pathology lab or diagnostic centre is the place where these tests take place. Before choosing a pathology lab in Hooghly you should gather some necessary information. This is very important as if your pathology test results are not proper, it can lead to wrong diagnosis and treatment, which is very dangerous.

  • Reputation. If you want to get a proper idea about the reputation and credibility of the pathology lab, you can consult your family and friends who have gone to that lab for pathology tests. There are reviews about different pathology labs available on the internet. You can also go through them to get an idea about the pathology lab.
  • Affiliation. You must make sure that the pathology lab has all the necessary affiliations before you go there for any pathology test.
  • Location. The pathology lab or diagnostic centre in Hooghly should be situated at a location that you can easily access. It is because you have to visit there for multiple times while doing pathology tests and easy access will save you from journey related stress.
  • Facilities. There should be all necessary equipment, machines and technology in the lab for conducting different pathology tests and giving accurate test results. You need to get information on what tests are done in the pathology lab and the medical professionals there are properly qualified or not. Right from the pathologist to lab assistants, the medical professionals must be well experienced. There should be enough skilled staff members for various tasks like handling the machines, conducting the tests, preparing the reports and assisting the patients.
  • Client-centric service. The pathology lab should look after the convenience of the patients. There should be facilities like online booking, home collection, etc. People prefer those pathology labs, where these facilities are available.
  • Cost of the tests. You should compare the costs of the pathology tests done at different pathology labs. Choose the one that is within your budget and also has a good reputation.
  • Reports management. The way of handling reports distinguishes the best pathology lab from the common ones. The reports should be properly made without any mistake and given to the patients on the scheduled date. The staff members should maintain the confidentiality of the reports, which is very important.