There has been a steady rise in cases of heart ailments in the younger population in the past decade. Hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity related diseases and anxiety disorders are at their peak. There is barely any youngster out there who does not suffer from any one of these problems. So, why are we suffering like this? Is there a way out?

Factors Which Negatively Affects the Heart:

The 21st century lifestyle has showered us humans with luxuries and facilities like never before. However, this drastic change in the society has also given rise to tremendous levels of stress, unhealthy eating and sleeping patterns along with pollution and pollution-induced ailments.

Things which negatively affects the heart include:

  1. Irregular sleep patterns,
  2. Regular consumption of junk food,
  3.  Regular consumption of food with high levels of salt and oil,
  4.  Smoking,
  5. A daily dose of alcohol,
  6.  Obesity,
  7. Hypertension, high cholesterol, triglycerides,
  8. Anxiety and stress.

The number of heart attacks, blockages and strokes have increased exponentially. Now, this might seem scary to people because most of us have a lot of things in common from the above list but this is where we need to make a promise to ourselves. Since information and knowledge are something that the internet has given to us right at the tip of our fingers, let us try to make good use of it.

4 Steps to Better Heart Health:

 1. Maintain a Healthy Sleep Schedule

No matter how trivial it seems at first, sleep is crucial to one’s existence. A regular sleep schedule of at least 8 hours is indispensable. Proper sleep helps one reduce stress, gives rest to one’s body and organs, increases brain functionality and benefits overall mood and health. Not getting enough sleep will not only make one grumpy and irritated for the entire day, but it will also lead to terrible health problems with time. Some of these include high blood pressure, anxiety disorders, diabetes and obesity.  

 2. Quit Smoking and Drinking

Smoking is one of the worst things you could possibly do to your body. It causes irreparable damage to your lung and consequently the heart. Recent studies have shown how vaping machines which claim to be safer than cigarettes, are quite harmful as well. On the other hand, while an occasional glass or two of alcohol is not bad for health, it is crucial to keep in check the amount of alcohol that is being consumed.

 3. Develop a Healthy Eating Habit

Eating disorders are one of the most common disorders right now. If left unchecked, it can lead to serious health complications. Eating lots of junk food and foods rich in salt and oil can negatively affect the heart. Having an irregular eating schedule can also be harmful for one’s health. Therefore, eating a balanced diet and a proper schedule for eating is key to good health. If you think you are suffering from eating disorders, then do not let the symptoms worsen and consult a doctor as soon as possible. If you are from Hooghly, a great option for your Super Specialty Polyclinic Near Me can be Dr. MNC PathLab in Uttarpara.

 4. Regular Visits to the Doctor

Apart from leading a healthy lifestyle, the final step to good health is making sure to give the doctor a regular visit. Their diagnosis and preventive care will make sure that any existing ailments are detected, while making sure that you are protected from further damage. Now, if you are from West Bengal and are looking for a good diagnostic center, then Dr. MNC PathLab, is the leading Super Specialty Polyclinic in Uttarpara, Hooghly. Simply look up MNC PathLab or Super Specialty Polyclinic in Hooghly on Google.


With the professional support of the experienced and seasoned doctors from Dr. MNC PathLab, good health is just a few steps away. Get an appointment today and start your journey now.