Dr. MNC PathLab, diagnostic centre in Uttarpara, has seen a rise in the influx of dengue patients because of the rainy season as puddles and clear still water serve as excellent breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

What is dengue fever? 

Dengue fever is a viral fever that is transmitted through the bite of infected female Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. This disease is common in areas that experience tropical monsoon-type climate.

What are the symptoms of dengue fever? 

There are multiple symptoms of dengue fever, and their manifestation varies from one patient to the other. While a lot of patients experience different combinations and degrees of symptoms, others may remain completely asymptomatic throughout the period that they are ill.

A few common symptoms of dengue fever include:

Stubborn high fever that does not go down easily or spikes too quickly,

Excessive and very strong headaches,

Platelets can reduce drastically due to dengue fever. In serious cases of this infection, it is common for the patient to receive fresh doses of platelet.

Rashes and painful red bumps on the skin, concentrated on the back,

Muscle pain, bone pains, joint pain and abdominal pain,

Feeling fatigued, drowsiness, dengue fever, incredibly strong headaches.

Vomiting and nausea are common symptoms of enough fever as well,

However, in serious cases, people might go into acute shock or suffer from internal bleeding. In this condition, the patient should receive immediate medical attention or else it can leave permanent damage or even death.

What is the treatment for dengue fever? 

Our super specialty polyclinic in Hooghly has a big team of excellent medical professionals. We have treated and observed multiple patients suffering from dengue fever and treated them successfully.

Get professional help and guidance, as a regular consumer.

If it is dengue season and you are experiencing continuous, high fever for the last couple of days, the patient must get a check-up by the doctor as soon as possible.

Proper consumption of electrolytes and IV fluids,

Do not take paracetamol tablets,

Drink lots of water or fluids like fruit juices,

Take the medicines prescribed by doctors regularly,

Stay inside a mosquito net so that you do not spread the disease from yourself to other members of the family.

If you think that you are suffering from this disease, do not delay and seek immediate medical help instead of trying to play the doctor yourself. Take it from one of the best, if not the best polyclinic in Hooghly, dengue fever is not a very serious condition. However, if left untreated, it can worsen at the speed of lightning and evolve into something so terrible that it might even become fatal. Thus take your and your loved ones’ health seriously and take the right step towards a long and healthy future.

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