A few days ago, one of my friends from Hooghly asked me, “Do you know about any good Super Specialty Polyclinic Near Me to get a few blood tests done?” I was surprised that she didn’t know about it already but that’s when I suggested Dr. MNC PathLab, Super Specialty Polyclinic in Hooghly to her.

I said, “If you are looking for a place like this, then let me tell you why you should give Dr. MNC PathLab a go.”

7 Reasons Why Dr. MNC PathLab is an Excellent Choice to Get Your Bloodwork Done

  • Hematology: The laboratory houses advanced hematology facilities for Routine blood tests, Special Blood Tests, Bone Marrow Aspiration as well as Trephine Biopsy. Get 100% accurate results at a never-before-seen speed.  

  • Cytopathology: Get facilities like Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC), Cervical Pap Test, Body Fluid Cytology and Cell Block preparation, all according to the latest “Bethesda System”.

  • Fully Automated Hormone Analyzer (VIDAS): Hormone Marker Tests such as Thyroid profile, Vit D3, Beta HCG, Serum IgE, PSA, Prolactin and so on, certified with Quality System and Quality System Regulation requirements according to the US FDA.

  • Histopathology: Biopsy (HPE) and Trucut Biopsy done by the specialist on-site Oncopathologist.

  • Microbiology, Serology and Clinical Pathology: A wide array of tests such as BACTEC and fungal tests, semen culture, and aerobic and anaerobic culture on High Vaginal Swab, Pus, Throat swab and Sputum are done. Urine, Stool, Sputum and Semen are performed under the supervision of the laboratory Microbiologist and Pathologist.

  • Exclusive Laboratory Facilities in Hooghly: Get exclusive Laboratory facilities like BacT/AlerT 32D 60, VITEK 2 COMPACT 30 and REPORT according to MIC interpretation and Global CLSI-2017 with Natural Resistance.

  • Great Location: Dr. MNC PathLab is blessed with an advantageous location, being a Super Specialty Polyclinics in Uttarpara, which is one of Hooghly’s many prime locations.


Dr. MNC PathLab is truly one of the most trustworthy Super Specialty Polyclinics in Hooghly. They have been able to make a mark on the people because of their genuine investment and care in their work and the people. It feels nice to see that there are still institutions and people out there who care about others’ well-being instead of exploiting patients for their money. Visit their website Dr. MNC PathLab for more details and promise to do your part for a healthy life.

Well, at the end of the day, my friend was convinced about why Dr. MNC PathLab is the best choice for her. Are you?