Piles are swollen haemorrhoids that develop either inside or around the anus, and sometimes along the length of the anal passage. Haemorrhoids are clumps, masses or cushions of tissue consisting of support tissue, blood vessels, elastic fibers and muscles in the anal passage.


According to medical experts at diagnostic centres in Hooghly, the major causes of piles are:

  • Absence of fiber in the diet
  • genetic reasons
  • insufficient fluid intake
  • inactive lifestyle
  • stress
  • diarrhea and constipation
  • sitting on the toilet for long
  • pregnancy
  • continuous heavy lifting
  • being overweight

Top Remedies to cure Piles:

1. Warm water baths:

The swelling and irritation caused by piles can be comforted by sitting in a bathtub filled with warm water. If you want, you may also add certain ingredients to the water that would help in reducing the symptoms further. Professionals at diagnostic centres in Hooghly suggest the use of ingredients like apple cider vinegar or a cup of Epsom salt.

2. Coconut oil:

We are all aware of the health benefits of coconut oil. Apart from being a natural moisturizer, it is also known to work well on the symptoms of pile. Applying coconut oil on the affected area may ease the swelling and irritation, and it could also lessen the need to scratch.

3. Fiber-rich diet:

Diets that are rich in fiber content are necessary for maintaining good digestive health, mainly with respect to bowel movements. This is because fiber has the ability to soak up water, which helps in softening the stool and offering it more body. This in turn makes the stool easier to pass. Apart from this, try to incorporate many different fruits, whole grains, vegetables and legumes in the diet. Also, make sure to stay away from junk as well as processed food.

4. Fluids:

Another effective way of keeping the stool soft and manageable is by drinking sufficient amount of liquid during the day. Once this happens, it requires minimum energy to pass and also causes less trouble to the hemorrhoids. Hence, health experts at diagnostic centres in Uttarpara advise drinking a lot of water throughout the day or any other drink of your choices such as coconut or lime water. These are great for digestion and also soothe the stomach.

5. Ice packs:

These are known to be an effective home treatment in case you are suffering from piles. You may also apply cold packs or ice to the affected area to get relief from pain and inflammation.