There are more than a million cases of breast cancer reported every year globally. Although both men and women can get breast cancer, it is an extremely rare condition for men. On the other hand, breast cancer is fairly common in women and that is why most physicians recommend women to get routine checkups for breast cancer after a certain age. If you want to get a doctor’s opinion or get a routine checkup then make sure to visit MNC PathLab in Hooghly.

Breast cancer is the growth of cancerous cells in the breast. It can occur in just one of the breasts or it can occur in both. Sometimes the cancerous cells are prone to spreading to the surrounding area or it can also spread or worsen if left untreated. Here are a few symptoms of breast cancer that you can identify at home by yourself. However, if you feel that there is something wrong going on in your body or if you have any of these symptoms, then do not delay anymore and visit Dr. MNC PathLab to find the best doctors in Uttarpara.

  1. You can feel that there is a lump or lumps inside your breasts. It can be either painless or painful.
  2. There might be a sudden change in the shape, size or texture of the breasts.
  3. You might experience redness and rashes on the skin, especially around the nipples.
  4. A lot of patients also experience bleeding from the nipples or lactating mammary glands even without pregnancy or childbirth. 

What is the best treatment for breast cancer?

  1. In a lot of cases, doctors resort to surgically removing the cancerous tissue or the infected cells. If the cancer has spread substantially, the doctor might have to remove the breast to ensure that the cancerous tissue has been removed from your body entirely.
  2. Like a lot of other types of cancers, radiation therapy is another common method of treating breast cancers.
  3. Doctors also prescribe medications, chemotherapy and hormone therapy for treating breast cancer.

The type and extent of treatment necessary to treat breast cancer depends on the stage of cancer that the patient has. It can be any one of the treatments mentioned above or it can be a combination of different types of treatments. Your doctor will make sure to diagnose you, run a lot of tests and find out the best treatment for you. Breast cancer does not have to be scary but for that, you need to start the treatment as soon as possible. Visit the best doctors clinic in Uttarpara and get a doctor’s appointment.

You can also get an appointment with your doctor online. If you have any further queries, then feel free to contact Dr. MNC PathLab today. Till then, stay happy and live a healthy life.

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