What is a bedsore?

A bedsore, also known as pressure sore or decubitus sore, is a type of sore or ulcer that is caused due to prolonged pressure on the skin from lying on the bed. It usually occurs in patients or people who are suffering from serious medical conditions which restrict movement, and the person needs to spend a significant majority of their time lying down. Due to this reason, bedsores commonly form on the hip region, shoulder blades, neck, back of the head and inner thighs.

Bedsores are highly painful and might occur in different parts of the body. If left untreated, bedsores can worsen very quickly and give rise to other medical conditions which can be fatal. If your loved ones are suffering from bedsores, seek immediate medical help. Visit Dr MNC PathLab, the best polyclinic in Hooghly and get an appointment with a doctor today.

What causes bedsores?

Bedsores occur when blood supply to the skin is cut off for more than two hours and without blood supply, the skin cells start dying. It might start as a red inflammation on the skin but without treatment, the inflammation worsens, and the skin breaks open. The open wound can get infected easily, increasing the chances of germs entering the bloodstream directly. In serious cases, the wound may start to rot. Do not allow the patient’s condition to deteriorate to this stage and visit Dr. MNC PathLab, doctors clinic in Hooghly as soon as possible.

What are the different stages of bedsores?

Bedsores are broadly categorised into 4 stages depending on the seriousness.

  1. Stage 1: The skin affected becomes inflamed. The area feels warm to the touch with an itching or burning sensation.
  2. Stage 2: The inflammation turns into an open sore. The patient might experience severe pain at this stage.
  3. Stage 3: The skin in and around the wound is deeply damaged. It might have a caldera or cavity-like appearance.
  4. Stage 4: By the final stage, the wound becomes deep enough to affect muscles and even bones. The protective skin barrier is demolished, and the patient has great risk of life-threatening infections.


Imagine how it would feel if your skin started to peel and rot in places. Horrible, isn’t it? Well, that is exactly how it feels for patients suffering from bedsores. It is a common condition but without treatment, it can get out of hand very fast. Stage 4 bedsores can even cause sepsis (an extremely serious infection), which has a very high mortality rate. Therefore, do not dismiss the seriousness of this condition and visit Dr. MNC PathLab to consult the best doctors in Uttarpara, Hooghly.

Bedsores can also be prevented by taking good care and regular grooming of bedridden patients. All of us wish to protect and ensure the well-being of our loved ones at all costs. With your love and our service, we can make sure that your beloved lives a long and healthy life.