Do you drink enough water every day? Arthritis patients may think they don’t need as much fluid as other people, but that isn’t the case at all! In fact, dehydration and arthritis may be linked in unexpected ways, leading to more joint pain than expected. Find out how and why this happens by reading this guide shared by a renowned doctors’ clinic in Hooghly!

How Dehydration Affects Your Joint Pain? 

The most basic explanation is  Joints, cartilages, and ligaments are mostly made of water. With dehydration, your body begins to use the water that is within it. Obviously, the joints and surrounding tissues get affected.

Your joints may also begin to hurt, but you won’t always be able to tell. Most of the time, you can only feel the pain and have no idea what’s causing it.

So, in this situation, drink plenty of water and your pain (and all the other symptoms) should go away in a few hours. If it doesn’t help your arthritis, visit your nearest rheumatologist. When you stay somewhere near Hooghly, the best specialty polyclinic in Hooghly would be a wise option.

But What Is Dehydrating You?

You may devour glasses of water per day. So how can you be dehydrated?

Sometimes it’s just your joints that aren’t getting enough water. So you don’t have to be thirsty and tired all the time. Only an expert doctor can help you diagnose the issue.

Other factors can cause your body to become dehydrated in some cases. They could be the source of your discomfort, rather than arthritis or another joint condition. So, here are the top three most common causes that may apply to your situation.

  • Aging 

A thick liquid surrounds the joints, keeping them nourished and lubricated. As you get older, your body no longer has the necessary substances to produce that liquid. When there is no protection or lubrication, damage begins to occur.

You won’t notice anything right away, but your joints will become stiffer and more painful over time. Everything will happen gradually but at some point.

  • Consuming Soda and Coffee 

Don’t think that drinking a glass of coke will cause joint pain. It’s the same with soda and alcohol. However, if you drink more coke or coffee than water, your joints will undoubtedly suffer in the long run.

  • Certain Medications 

Certain medications, just like beverages, promote water elimination.

The most common example is blood pressure medication. You’ve probably heard of “water pills,” haven’t you? They eliminate excess water and thus lower blood pressure.


One of the main reasons that we don’t drink enough water is that most of us are busy, stressed, or distracted. So make sure to drink plenty of it and in case of any arthritic emergencies, visit MNC Pathlab where you will find the best rheumatologist in town.