These days, consulting a good orthopaedic surgeon/clinic, or any good physician, is critical for your health and well-being. While there are numerous websites that provide specialist surgeon references, you must carefully check and understand their authenticity. Here are some pointers to help you choose the best orthopaedic doctors clinic in Hooghly.

Where Can You Find the Best Orthopaedic Clinic?

Orthopedics is a medical specialty that focuses on the diagnosis, correction, treatment, and prevention of musculoskeletal system injuries. This department specializes in bone, joint, muscle, tendon, ligament, nerve, and complex trauma care. The orthopaedic department uses cutting-edge research and technology to provide personalized care.

In today’s medical and healthcare sectors, there are many experienced and well-educated, and best orthopaedic doctors available in Hooghly. Rehabilitation, trauma joint replacement and fractures, musculoskeletal oncology, and arthroscopic surgery are among the most common conditions treated by those surgeons. To help you with your search, here is a quick recommendation for MNC Pathlab, a reputable, high-rated, and best orthopaedic clinic in Hooghly.

Available Orthopedic Treatments

At MNC Pathlab, you will find the below-mentioned treatments and care plans:

  • Shoulder Pain
  • Elbow Care
  • Wrist and Hand Care
  • Knee Joint Pain
  • Ankle and Foot
  • Pelvis and Hips

For further information on the available treatment and facilities, dial +91 9836701853.

Signs That You Should See The Best Orthopedic Doctor

  • Experiencing Chronic Pain

Several classifications can assist you in determining whether your discomfort is consistent. Acute discomfort is pain that lasts only a few days.

However, if your lumbar pain persists for weeks or even months after the injury or root cause has been addressed, you should see an orthopaedic expert.

Minor Injuries

Many people disregard minor accidents or injuries, believing that the pain will pass quickly. They use simple home remedies like applying warm or cold compresses. Minor incidents, on the other hand, may escalate into something more serious if they are not addressed and treated promptly. So, if you’ve recently been in an accident and are experiencing joint pain, even if it’s minor, make an appointment at a reputable orthopaedic clinic near you.

Aches and pains in the legs or feet

Lumbar discomfort combined with leg or foot pain or stiffness is a clear indication that you should see a specialist. Stress on the muscles or bones can cause prickling or numbness in the hip, legs, or feet.

Back Pain that Gets Worse When You Lift Weights

If you have chronic back pain that worsens when you lift weights, you should visit an orthopaedic clinic, just as you would if you had knee pain. Back pain is frequently an indication of a spinal problem or a herniated disc and should not be ignored.


From a fracture to crippling spinal injuries, MNC Pathlab, the best Super Speciality Polyclinic in Hooghly handles all bone-related conditions with care. The skilled orthopaedic surgeons use cutting-edge equipment and technology to treat a wide range of orthopaedic conditions, ensuring that you are up and moving around as you were before.