Almost all of us misplace our house keys or essential documents once in a while, but when it becomes a regular thing, you need to pay attention. You might miss deadlines at work every day, you might forget to return calls, miss your medical appointments and avoid tasks that require effort.

Can you relate to the above-mentioned symptoms? But how will you be sure that It is something serious like ADHD? Isn’t it just laziness or burnout? Well, maybe not. Because no matter how guilty you feel, or how hard you try, you still can’t fix your habits.

We, at the best diagnostic center in Howrah, have prepared a list of signs of adult ADHD. Just check out how many of them you often face in your daily life.

You are Disorganised No Matter How Hard You Try!

We have treated many adults with ADHD and all of them were highly disorganized. If you find it difficult to keep track of things no matter how serious they might be, stop blaming yourself and seek medical advice as it is a strong sign of attention deficiency and hyperactivity disorder.

You not only have a messy room or an office or your car but also a messy mind as you can’t organize your thoughts properly. Severe disorganization can even lead you to financial mismanagement and lead you to major problems.

Lack of Focus When You Know You Have A Deadline!

Chasing deadlines have become daily life in the modern era. But how will you achieve your goals when you can’t concentrate straight for even an hour? If you often have intrusive thoughts while working, or daydream in the middle of a very busy day, feel the lack of direction even when you have works lined up one after another, you have adult ADHD.

As a result, you can’t focus on important meetings, you procrastinate a lot no matter how hard you try to be productive, and you often lose great opportunities due to this attitude! Book an appointment at our doctor’s clinic in Hooghly to diagnose and treat your condition.

You have Impulsive and Hyperactive Symptoms

Check whether you experience the following signs:

  • You often tap your feet, fidgets with your hands, and can’t sit still for even a while
  • Extreme restlessness
  • You talk excessively
  • Often get distracted by small things
  • You face trouble while waiting for your turn in a line
  • You often leave things undone and can’t complete a project at one go

Get Diagnosed Today

There is no one solution or one test for you. Consult our psychologists at the best diagnostic center in Uttarpara and the doctors will pay close attention to your particular symptoms. Only then, they can customize a treatment plan for you.