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A parasite is the cause of malaria. The infected mosquitoes transmit this parasite in our bodies when they bite us. People usually have a high fever and shaking chills while they have malaria. Malaria affects a large number of people every year and many of them die from the disease. In tropical and subtropical countries, malaria [...]

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Common Medications for Heart Disease

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For patients suffering from heart disease, a number of medications are available. A doctor prescribes the necessary medicines for a particular patient after proper diagnosis and properly checking whether the medicines have any harmful side effects or not. The specialist at the doctor clinic in Hooghly prescribes some of the following medications according to the symptoms: [...]

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10 Signs and Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

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You can locate your thyroid gland in the front area of your windpipe. The thyroid hormone controls the growth and metabolism of essentially every body part and the thyroid gland releases this hormone. The thyroid gland gets the signal to release this hormone from the thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH). The pituitary, a tiny gland in the middle [...]

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Simple Ways to Manage Your Diabetes

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When your body can’t effectively transport sugar from the blood into cells, high blood sugar occurs. It can lead to diabetes when left unchecked. Diabetes can lead to major health problems. If one follows some rules, then diabetes can be managed. The following are some simple ways to manage your diabetes: 1. Exercise Regularly You [...]

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