Routine tests may be of several types though normally includes several blood tests and tests for prostate cancer. The screening for any healthy man includes a digital rectal examination and a prostate specific antigen blood test.

The routine blood tests help the doctors check for specific diseases and conditions. These tests help the doctor to ascertain the working level of certain organs like the kidneys, liver, thyroid and heart. Diagnosing diseases and conditions such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, anemia and coronary heart diseases are also possible with these tests.

  • Screening tests are important as such tests helps to find the disease at an early stage, before arising of any symptom. An early detection helps colon cancer be nibbled at the budding stage. If the existence of sugar in blood is found at an early stage, treatment becomes easy and complications can be prevented. The nature of tests depends on age and risk factors in a person.
  • Prostate cancer is most abundant in people after skin cancer. Normally, these types of cancer grow at a slow pace though fast-growing and aggressive types are also seen. The disease can be detected at an earlier stage with the help of screening test. A successful detection makes the treatment more effective. The tests that are conducted to identify prostate cancer include a digital rectal exam and a prostate specific antigen blood test.
  • An uncommon disease found in a man’s testicles is called testicular cancer. Persons are seen to be affected with this disease at ages between 20 and 54. Testicular exams are recommended by Diagnostic Centers to facilitate effective treatment. If the person is seen to possess higher risk, additional screening might be recommended to him.
  • One of the ferocious cancers is Colon Cancer. The screening of this type of cancer is called colonoscopy. Such test is carried to detect polyps and colorectal cancer. Such polyps can be removed at the time of the test. Patients are allowed to opt for a virtual colonoscopy which is a simple CT scan. Alternatively, double contrast barium enema which is a special X-Ray can also be adopted. Colonoscopy is required to remove the polyps.
  • Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer. Depending on the severity, the tests for screening are fixed. The most dangerous form of skin cancer is melanoma. It begins in specialized cells called melanocytes. It produces skin color. This disease is seen to develop more in older men. What is more surprising is that men are usually possess more non-melanoma based cell and squamous cell skin cancers than what women are subjected to. Doctor Chambers recommend normal skin self-exams to identify any change in marks on the skin. These changes include shape, color and size. Skin exam becomes routine test in such cases.
  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a particular type of virus that causes AIDS. These viruses affect blood and other body secretions of the infected individual, without revealing any symptom. The infectious nature of the virus causes the disease to spread from one person to another. Such infections happen when the secretions come in contact with the vagina, anal area, mouth, eyes or any cut in skin. Modern treatments are able to prevent HIV infection from becoming AIDS. Medications have serious side effects. The screening tests involve a series of blood tests. The first test is called ELISA. This test looks for antibodies to HIV in the blood. This test may reveal the blood to be HIV-positive even if the cell is not affected at all. Thus, a second test called Western Blot Assay is conducted for confirmation. Recent infection may show a negative result. In these cases, repeat testing is recommended.