There are multiple duties that women perform every day. So, they must remain fit and healthy. There are many women who do not care about their health and this can lead to serious consequences. As women grow older, they are prone to a number of diseases. According to the best doctor in Uttarpara, there are undergo various tests for women which are necessary to remain aware of their health condition. Some of these tests are:

1. Pelvic Examination and a Pap Smear

Women should have a complete pelvic examination and a Pap smear test. A leading cause of death among women in India is cervical cancer. There is a recent introduction of a cervical cancer vaccine, which women should take and those above 30 should also take Pap smear test once in 3 years if consecutive Pap smear tests are negative. In addition to this gynaecologists also suggest women should go for a complete pelvic examination to check for lumps, growth and any abnormal discharge.

2. A Complete Breast Examination with A Mammogram

In India, the second leading cause of cancer deaths is breast cancer, although it is easily identified. Doctors recommend women should regularly go for breast cancer screening. When the age of a woman crosses 40 years, she should have an annual mammogram done. There are some pathology labs in Uttarpara where this test for women are done. The chances of recovery are higher if there is early detection of breast cancer.

3. Bone Mineral Density Test

When vital minerals like calcium leach from the bones, they become weak and brittle. This degenerative condition of the bones is called osteoporosis. A large percentage of women suffer from this condition, which aggravates after women achieve menopause. The cause of this is the declining levels of estrogen, which protects the bones in women. There is a specialized X-ray involved in the bone mineral density test, i.e. the DEXA scan. This assesses your risk of fracture by measuring your bone strength. If a woman has achieved menopause or has had a fracture, the doctors recommend this test.

4. Diabetes Screening

The diagnosis of diabetes and pre-diabetes test can be done by a blood sugar test. There can be adverse effects of diabetes on a woman’s health and can lead to severe long-term complications. The doctor can detect your body’s ability to metabolise glucose with the help of a blood glucose tolerance test. If you want to do this test, go to a medical laboratory for blood tests in Uttarpara.

5. Lipid Profile Test

An examination for good and bad cholesterol along with triglycerides and total cholesterol levels is done in this test. Cholesterol can affect the health of your heart, blood vessels and brain if it gets accumulated in the blood vessels. If previous tests were in the normal range, the doctors advise women above 30 years of age to go for this test once in 5 years. If there are higher levels of cholesterol, going for screening once in 6 months is recommended.