The society is now facing one of the biggest challenges, which is Mental Health. The prime condition for living healthy in our every sphere of life is that one should have sound mental health. It is found in many times that if a person is having mental illness, it may cause more harm than a physical illness. However, there is a ray of hope as highly effective treatments for mental illness are available nowadays. The awareness in regard to mental illness is also more in common people at present. There is still a problem, which is that most of the people are not willing to seek medical help as they think for dealing with mental health issues like problems in daily living, lack of confidence, fear of old age, balance in professional life, psycho-social and other life challenges, they do not need professional remedial help. A number of mental health diseases like depression, anxiety, OCD and PTSD can ultimately lead to a number of complications if not properly treated. One can easily avoid these complications if you consult a Neuro Psychiatrist available at Dr.M.N.Chatterjje Memorial Polyclinic, Uttarpara, Hooghly, West Bengal on watching the following warning signs in an individual:

  1. Negligence in Self-care:

    About own appearance and basic hygiene like brushing, bathing, wearing clean clothes, combing hair, etc., an individual is becoming increasingly careless.

  2. Reckless Acts:

    An individual is often spending mindlessly, rash driving, binge-drinking, overeating and doing other things recklessly.

  3. Improper Behaviour:

    An individual is behaving in a way that scares you, such as a significant temperamental change, reacting with anger on small things, not tolerating loud noises and so on. It may help if you consult the best doctor in Uttarpara, who is expert in this treating such problems.

  4. Feelings Intense with Routine Activities:

    An individual may feel anxious unnecessarily about routine activities, like there may be excessive anxiousness when leaving the house.

  5. Problems with Thinking:

    An individual is being irrational, becoming pre-conceived with ideas, forgetful and disoriented.

  6. Avoiding the company of others:

    Feel difficulties in interacting with others due to shyness, keeping away from social gatherings, creating distance from loved ones, etc.

  7. Inability to work:

    An individual cannot hold down a job or the performance in school is deteriorating.

  8. Disturbed Sleep:

    Developing insomnia, recurrent disturbing dreams, resulting in feeling exhausted after waking up. Lack of sleep, a feeling of sleepiness throughout the day or oversleeping are some of the signs to watch out.

  9. Hampered Work-life:

    Causing issues with co-workers due to moodiness, lack of concentration at work and other insignificant problems at work.

  10. Preoccupation with death:

    An individual involves in unhealthy discussions on death at frequent intervals and talks about morbid incidents. If there are such symptoms, you should immediately consult a specialist at the doctor clinic in Uttarpara.

There are also a wide range of Mental Health issues apart from the above generic issues. Most common are “Eating Disorder among Children” and “Addiction”.

Eating Disorder:

Irregular eating habit , obsession with food and excessive concern about over weight and shape which include both insufficient and affinity towards unhealthy food causing severe damage of an individual’s well-being. Nowadays, eating disorder is a big concern in our society. These are found across all cultures, race, socioeconomic groups and religion. Once it was exclusively a female issue but now it is also rise in the children, adolescent and male population.

Warning Signs of Eating Disorders are:

  • Change in Appetite
  • Obsession with weight and shape
  • Vomiting after meals
  • Binge –eating
  • Unhealthy pallor

Unaddressed symptoms lead to pile up like a house of cards. Before one noticed it, the damage is corrosive to the individual on physical, mental and social level. So, awareness is require about the warning signs which can help an individual to realize the importance of seeking therapy from the best doctor in Uttarpara at the right time for his/her loved one.


Addiction is a pathological mental health disorder which has devastating consequences. It is characterized by compulsive usage of drugs, alcohol etc. in spite of numerous problems in the most sphere of life.

Warning Signs of Addiction are:

  • Continued use despite health problems
  • Deterioration in interpersonal relationship
  • Significantly impaired work
  • Intense craving
  • Severe withdrawal symptoms when trying to quit

Most addicts have very low self-esteem and even a tiny admonishment about their usage makes them very defensive. They rarely concede the problems that family members, friends and co-workers all are starkly evident.
A person may be cynical for treatment, or even refute that there is an issue or problem with addiction. But once they start their journey, they realize that help is available and the benefits that they will get as they start acknowledging issues and engage in the rigorous self-work route to recovery.
An addiction specialist can guide family members on how to proceed with getting help for an addict, irrespective of whether the person wants or does not want help.