Work from home, a disrupted daily schedule, lack of physical activities (in most cases), sedentary lifestyle, and the second wave of COVID-19 are leading to the large-scale mental health crisis – says the expert psychiatrists.

Preeti(name changed) says though she has tried to see the glass half full throughout the pandemic days, in the last two weeks, she has been experiencing major panic attacks and depression. Of course, the 27 years old graphic designer blames it on the rising COVID cases, uncertainties, watching close ones getting contaminated, and disruption of plans.

Can you relate to Preeti’s condition? Have you been going through the same for the past few months? Furthermore, you have kept it a secret and pretended to be fine. An expert psychiatrist of MNC Pathlab says – ” depression doesn’t always show up on the surface”. In this blog, let’s find out the ways to stay as calm as possible throughout this crisis period.

This Blog Will Talk About:

  • How Can You Manage Your Mental Health?
  • When Do You Need To See a Psychiatrist?
  • How Can You Manage Your Mental Health?

Practice Mindfulness

It is a wellness practice that makes you understand your thoughts and feelings. There are lots of mindfulness techniques out there. You might have numbed your mind with movies, food, social media platforms, video games. Using these things as a coping mechanism will cause you harm in the long run. Try to calm your mind and focus on how your body is feeling from head to toe.

Get A Virtual Workout Partner

You will need nothing but exercise to keep your mental and physical health at bay. Yet, it is quite difficult to find the motivation when no gyms are open and you are home-isolated. Get an accountability partner for working out together. Set up a video call on skype, zoom, or a messenger app. People perform better when they are doing a task in a group.

Plan For A Brighter Future

No matter how dark the current days seem, you should never stop planning for a better future. Think ahead for better times when the world will be virus-free. Set up an itinerary for your dream travel destination. Research on learning a new skill or adopting a new pet. According to the best psychiatrist of the best polyclinic in Hooghly, it will help you to see your present in a better light.

When Do You Need To See a Psychiatrist?

If changing your mindset and following the simple steps are not helping you much, you need to see a therapist. Let the experts of Super Speciality polyclinic in Hooghly counsel your condition and provide you with the best help.