Keeping yourself healthy is extremely important. No matter what you’re doing or how busy you are, you should always keep a close eye on your health.

And there is no problem these days because modern medical facilities provide a wide range of testing and diagnostic services to provide you with information about your health status.

Pathology advisors, also known as pathologists, are specialists in certain areas. After conducting certain tests, they provide a report on an infection or disease that you are suffering from. They ask for samples of your blood, urine, feces, or other bodily fluids and even skin tissues. If you stay somewhere in Hooghly and require some tests, consider MNC Pathlab, the best polyclinic in Hooghly.

When you go to a doctor for something that is bothering you physically, the doctor will typically order tests to determine what is wrong with you. The tests will base on the symptoms that you exhibit. So, you need an experienced pathologist to carry out these tests without any error. Your doctor will interpret the test results and accurately diagnose your medical condition. Undoubtedly, the accuracy of your diagnostic test will majorly contribute to your healthcare management.

How Crucial Is A Lab Test?

As soon as the pathologist receives the sample, they send it for the examination process so that your doctor can receive the report as soon as possible.

More than 80% of doctors rely on the results of the pathology laboratory reports. When the pathologist submits a report indicating that you have a disease, the doctor will treat you based on that. That is why, you need to choose MNC Pathlab, the best diagnostic center in Hooghly.

The Common Pathology Services Available at MNC Pathlab

  • ECG
  • Holter Monitoring
  • Pulmonary Function Test
  • EEG Diagnostic
  • NCV
  • EMG
  • Psychological Tests (IQ test, Psychometry, Personality, ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism Assessment )


When your doctor requests certain tests, you need to find the right pathological unit. For instance, if it is an X-ray or an MRI, or even a simple blood test, it is critical that you select the best super specialty polyclinic in Hooghly. Make an online appointment with Dr. MNC Pathlab, one of the best pathology service providers in Hooghly, for some of the most common clinical pathology services.