There’s one thing common in all parents that everyone wants their child to be happy and healthy. But sometimes, the path to happiness has a few bumps along the way. Like when a child is diagnosed with autism disorder. But unfortunately, you won’t understand the signs right at the moment your baby is born. Usually, children under 5 years old can display symptoms of early autism. So, if you notice any sign of it, you need to consult with the doctors’ clinic in Hooghly or wherever you live.

In today’s blog, we will be learning about the signs of early autism and what to do about those.

Early Signs of Autism

Every infant develops at a different pace and just because your child is not talking or walking by twelve months, doesn’t mean there is something wrong. However, if you notice any of the following symptom you need to be cautious.

  • Little or Zero Eye Contact

Typically, a child can make eye contact by six months. But children with signs of autism might not make eye contact when you make some noises or even call them by name.

Additionally, a child with early autism is also less expressive. For example, they don’t smile or laugh out loud or engage with others that much.

  • Back-and-Forth Interactions

It is quite common for an eight or nine-month-old baby to exchange facial expressions, sounds, and smile while you are playing with them. Most infants try to mimic what you say in front of them. However, if your child has early autism, they might not reciprocate in the same way. They might not participate in back-and-forth interactions.

  • Delayed Speech

Children with autism might start speaking later than their peers. Some autistic children don’t speak more than a few words even by the age of 2. If your growing child is struggling with speech development, you should consult with your nearest diagnostic center. If you live somewhere near Hooghly, this diagnostic center in Uttarpara will be your ultimate savior.

  • Little or No Interest In Communicating with Others

Most babies try to make sounds to communicate with their parents and anyone they see. But children with autism do not share the same enthusiasm to use words or blabber.

Facing difficulty with verbal and non-verbal communication is a common symptom of autism. It can be very challenging for the parents to understand what their child is trying to express.

Go for the Early Autism Testing

If your child is displaying one or more of the symptoms mentioned above, consider scheduling an evaluation with your nearest doctor. If you are staying somewhere near Howrah, the best diagnostic center in Howrah is there to evaluate your child.