An operation performed on the musculoskeletal system is called orthopaedic surgery. The bones, muscles, ligaments, joints and tendons comprise this total system. Orthopaedic surgery is of three types. In recent times, minimally invasive arthroscopic surgeries are gaining an advantage over traditional procedures. The reason behind this is that they are less painful and take less time to recover. If you need expert consultation about an orthopaedic surgery procedure, go to any doctor clinic in Uttarpara. Some commonly performed orthopaedic procedures are listed here.

Joint Replacement Procedures:

When a joint is badly injured, these procedures are done to replace an injured joint with a prosthetic. Hip and knee replacement surgeries fall under the most common joint replacement surgeries. As there is a considerable amount of risk in these surgeries, it is very important that patients are monitored for signs of complications after these procedures. One risk is that the materials used to make the implant can make their way into the blood, which causes a toxic condition known as metalosis and another risk is that the implant will fail.

Revision Joint Surgery:

It may be necessary to remove a new implant and replace it with a new one if it becomes has failed. When the patient received a defective implant or an older implant has failed, revision surgeries are often required. These surgeries should be performed by the best doctor so that you get the best result.


Sometimes, the affected tissue needs to be removed before healing can occur and tissue death has occurred, doctors will remove it using this procedure. The bone is also removed in some cases when necessary.

Spinal Fusion:

When there is the need to provide more stability to the spine or to repair damage to the spine, spinal fusions join the vertebrae together.

Bone Fusion:

To ensure the healing of the fractured bones, bone fusions use grafting to fuse them together.

Soft Tissue Repair:

Torn ligaments or tendons are attended in these procedures.

Internal Fixation of Bones:

When the bones break into fragments, this type of surgery places them together using pins, screws or plates so that they can heal.


A child will need this type of operation to help correct the deformity if he or she has bone deformities. This is necessary to let the bones grow properly.