A noticeable change is being seen in the field of pathology since the last few years. There is a continuous improvement in the tools needed in pathology labs as well as in the basic skills pathologists need. Nowadays, a pathologist has to come out of the laboratory and communicate with the entire patient care team to make the best treatment possible for the patient and may also have to digitally view samples from all around the world even while being in the laboratory. In the past days, a pathologist might have to spend an entire career behind the microscope looking at samples from patients in a single hospital.

Overcoming the obstacles:

The field of pathology is facing a few challenges at recent times. To convince young people to enter the field of pathology is one of the most significant. Somehow, this seems to be improving according to many senior pathologists. In many countries, pathology is becoming an interesting job option for many people.
Finance is another big challenge. In comparison to complex imaging techniques, pathology tests had been quite inexpensive in the past. The rates of the tests were quite reasonable. Nowadays, doctors and patients are starting to notice that the tests are costing much more than they used to do as the medical laboratories are beginning to move more heavily into molecular testing. But when some pathology tests can confirm whether to avoid some drugs that are much more expensive, the cost of pathology tests seem quite negligible. It is also sometimes necessary to pay for quality though many pathologists try to accomplish tests as cheaply as possible.

Pushing for progress:

In a number of countries in the world, the field of pathology is taken very seriously, many people are involved in it and a large number of medical trainees are eager to join this field. However, in some countries, the due recognition is still not given to the pathologists, young people don’t want to join the field of pathology and there is not much medical advancement in this field. To help in providing advanced pathology services in these countries, several people are needed who are interested in advancing pathology in their country. Then only the senior pathologists from the countries where much progress is made in the pathology field can teach these people modern techniques in pathology. The use of digital technology has also helped the field of pathology a lot. If needed, a pathologist can get expert advice from any other pathology lab within a short time. The patients can also easily get in touch with pathologists who have done their tests if they have any query.