Delayed period? Vaginal itching? Pain during sex? An unusual smell down there? Most women Google these awkward questions instead of visiting a gynecologist. Can you relate to this? While it is normal to feel awkward but remember an expert gynecologist has heard everything before! An expert of the best polyclinic in Hooghly says –

“Answering awkward, or even scary questions is a part of our job.”

So, your job is to share all your health issues honestly. So, how would your prepare for your visit to a gynae?

How Can You Prepare for a Visit?

When you are stressed about a particular thing, it is very common to lose your nerve or forget what you wanted to ask during your visit. So, write everything down the moment the questions cross your mind and carry the list along when you are going to meet the doctor.

Get the awkward things out of your way first

Are you searching for the best super specialty polyclinic in Hooghly, near where you live? Once you find the one and meet your gynecologist for the first time, your doctor will ask you a few questions before examining you down there. This is your one-on-time with your doctor where you can ask all your awkward queries at a go.

Aren’t you sure about what to ask while seeing a gynecologist? Here’s your list:

  • Is that Smell Normal?

Here’s the secret! Every woman smells different down there based on what they eat, drink, and what medicines they consume. Too many spices, unhealthy food, tobacco, or alcohol consumption can create some intense smells.

Vaginal odor is also stronger after a workout or during your period. What is the bottom line? Maintaining vaginal hygiene is a must-do to keep your PH balance at bay. However, if the odor becomes extreme, visit your gynecologist.

  • Am I PMSing or is it something else?

Every month, right before your menstruation starts, it is natural to feel moody and a bit nauseatic. But feeling extremely hopeless, depressed, irritable, or even snapping at people might be a signal that you have PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder). This condition is treatable, so mention it to your doctor.

  • How Scary are the Painful Bumps?

First and foremost, don’t panic! Painful bumps near the labia or vagina are common and they are not a sign of STD every time. A sudden bump is mostly a pimple, caused by shaving and it goes away on its own.

However, when the pain and the bump stay more than quite a few days, visit your gynae as it could be a herp or a cyst.

We hope you found this blog useful and now you feel empowered to visit a gynecologist and ask all your queries without hesitating. Besides having one of the best gynecologists practicing at our clinic, we, at MNC Pathlab Kolkata, also have the best lab in Hooghly for all your pathological needs.