Diagnostic imaging is one of the integral parts of the healthcare industry. Originally, it helps diagnose and treat diseases, but it can be quite a complex procedure that often causes anxiety and confusion among the patients. In today’s blog, the expert radiologists of the best Diagnostic center in Hooghly have shared the top five things they wish you knew before entering the lab to get your imaging done!

How to Prepare Properly for the Process?

Depending on the type of diagnostic test you will be having, you need to fast or prepare your bowel movement hours before the test. Listen to all the instructions carefully and follow them without a fail. Also, your physician must know about your pregnancy status, the presence of any implanted devices like pacemakers, etc.

It is best to wear loose-fitted clothing that doesn’t have any metallic accents as metal might interfere with your imaging results. Leave all your valuable jewelry and accessories at home. Wearing perfumes, deodorant might also mess with your mammogram procedure.

You will have to remove your wigs, underwire bras, hearing aids, dental braces, and any other miscellaneous items before undergoing the test.

Be Well-Informed About Your Healthcare

Experts radiologists at a leading diagnostic center in Uttarpara need to know the complete details of your healthcare journey. You need to thoroughly discuss everything including previous surgeries and imaging results as these might affect your current imaging outcomes. Plus, you should also inform him about the medications you are consuming currently.

The Radiation From Diagnostic Imaging Isn’t Harmful

While it’s a fact that overexposure to radiation causes danger, if you select the best diagnostic center near you, the experts will keep the radiation at a minimum level so that it doesn’t harm your health. The radiologists take the procedure very seriously and they will ensure that your health is in safe hands.

However, if you are still worried about the harmful effects of radiation, talk with your doctor or the experts at the diagnostic center so that they can clear all your doubts before you undergo the imaging procedure.

Discuss the Results With Your Doctor

Once you get the imaging results, the radiologists will evaluate them, transcribe the results and prepare a report to show your doctor. Usually, the entire procedure takes one or two days. Take the reports to your doctor for the next stage of your treatment.

Sometimes You Might Need A Follow-Up Test

Your first encounter with the imaging test might not be your last one. If your doctor needs to monitor your condition according to the treatment plan, you might need to go for follow-up studies like CT scans, mammograms, pap tests, and MRIs to ensure further abnormalities.


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