The liver is a natural organ that detoxes our body. It works hard every day to process everything you breathe and eat, even the toxins! But throughout the time, the level of toxin build-up increases,and unfortunately, your liver can’t handle all the chaos. Especially, if you drink or smoke regularly.

As more and more toxins build up in your body, your liver struggles to process it all.As per the best doctors available in Hooghly, the sooner you start naturally cleansing your liver, the better! But the question is how do you identify the right time to start?

Be in Charge!

Your liver function is nothing like a traffic light that will blink green for a ‘great condition’, yellow for a ‘need of a detox’, and red for ‘visit a doctor. So, it’s you who have to be aware of your body function, and most importantly, recognize the signs of a damaged liver.

So, here are the largest red alerts that tell you that your liver might need a detox! Besides, monitoring these signs, we also recommend you to visit a quality super specialty polyclinic in Hooghly or the one located near you frequently. The primary care physicians do more through health check-ups, blood tests, and imaging to identify your liver issues before they get out of control!

  1. Frequent Bloating

Often, we don’t realize the little signs our body is trying to give us. Most times a damaged liver has a direct impact on your digestion. An occasional bout of bloating particularly after a meal is natural but it becomes a liver concern once it has lasted for more than a few hours or even days!

  1. Chronic Constipation

Again, digestion is the biggest parameter to check for the most noticeable forms of liver issues. Experiencing constipation is not an unusual sign but usually, it lasts only for a day or so. If your constipation is chronic, you must consider getting it checked as soon as possible.

Plus, pay attention to your stool, if it’s unusually dark, pale or there’s blood on it you need to seek medical help!

  1. Irregular Menstruation

Yes, not only a polycystic ovary but also a damaged liver can mess up your period cycle. As you know, your hormonal levels are mainly responsible for regulating your period. When your liver loses its ability to function naturally, that affects your hormonal levels too. So, irregular periods are one of the biggest red flags for you to notice.

So, have you ever experienced any of the above-mentioned signs and overlooked them? Well, now you know what might be the reason behind those! Choose among the varied range of doctors clinics in Hooghly and get your liver screened!